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The Washington DC Hall of Fame Society is a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization widely known for its distinguished Annual Awards Program and Gala created to recognize District of Columbia residents who have had an outstanding impact on the city and other individuals from the region who have contributed to the city in many ways. These men and women have an extensive history of exemplary contributions in areas of business, civic/community development, communications, cultural arts, education, health, politics, law, religion, science/technology/engineering and sports.
The Hall of Fame Society is making a significant impact on the community with its growing programs designed to inspire, educate and cultivate the next generation of leaders, while preserving the legacies of our living legends.  The Society Institute houses the programs for youth and young adults to ensure a continual supply of scholars and leaders for the city. The Legacy Programs focus on recognizing and archiving our living legacies and ensuring the works and deeds of The Districts cherished assets, its citizens, are preserved.

The Hall of Fame recognizes District of Columbia residents who have had an outstanding impact on the city and individuals from the Region who have contributed to the city in many ways.  Many have established neighborhood programs, led innovative projects and other innovations which resulted in improvements in schools and communities, enhancing the quality of life for our residents. This tribute to D.C. residents honors and showcases the rich history of Washington and how these individuals have enhanced our City over the past 75 years. These men and women have made decades of exemplary contributions in several areas and will be showcased throughout the city.

The Legacy Award program was established in 1998 by Washington DC Hall of Fame Founder, Dr. Janette Hoston Harris. The charter members of the Hall of Fame were Malcolm E. Beech, Lelia Wyatt Brown, Dr. Mohamed El Khawas, Dr. Morris Hawkins, (deceased), Dr. Rudolph Harris, Chester Higgins (deceased), Annette C. Jones (deceased), Dr. Gwynnette Lacy, Levin Lee, Barbara C. Miner, L. Jeannette Mobley, Pierpont Mobley, Honorable Vincent B. Orange, Sr., and Helen V. Tate.


Nominations for the Hall of Fame are open to all D.C. residents who are at a minimum 50 years old at the time of the nomination.  Requirements include the following: nominee must be a resident of the city, residing continuously in the Nation’s capital for at least ten years; each nominee should have demonstrated contributions that have resulted in the improvement of the quality of life for District of Columbia residents.  Additionally, please provide concrete evidence of the candidate's strong and effective community involvement in the growth and development of the District of Columbia. Candidates cannot be self-nominated.

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