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20190428 Hall of Fame. Photo - Lateef Ma
20190428 Hall of Fame_edited_edited_edit



The Legacy Programs are highlighted by the Hall of Fame Legacy Gala. This signature program illustrates District of Columbia residents who have made impressive contributions to the development of our city.





The Living Legacy History Project will develop an oral and video history of Hall of Famers, Centenarians, City and Community leaders who have witnessed or actively participated in the growth of Washington DC. We will use various methods to make the information available including a digital tool kit, Hall of Fame website, digital content, teaching tools, and The Hall of Fame Speakers Series.


The DC Hall of Fame Legacy Toolkit will include interviews, history of Washington, information on its Living Legacies, elected officials and provide activities for students. The toolkit would include a bi-monthly spotlight of each ward, important dates to the city, highlight a different HOF awardee each month, focusing on their contributions to the Washington DC area. The outcome will be distributed to district libraries and schools as a resource for teachers and students. This tool, will provide information about our residents. Filming for the project will start in Spring of 2016 and be ongoing. 

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