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The Washington DC Hall of Fame Society was established in 1998 by Dr. Janette Hoston Harris to honor and showcase the rich history of Washington through its citizens.  Through its programs and initiatives, the Hall of Fame Society educates and uplifts the youth and young adults in the city and recognizes District of Columbia residents and other individuals from the region who have contributed and had an outstanding impact on the City in many ways.  Its signature program, The Legacy Awards Gala, began in 2000.

Leadership, Educational
and Scholarship Programs

The Hall of Fame Society established the Society Institute, a series of leadership, educational and scholarship programs that are available for youth and young adults. Our programs will ensure the District has a continual supply of scholars and leaders with hometown roots.

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Legacy Programs

The Legacy Programs focus on recognizing and archiving our living legacies and ensuring that the work and deeds of the District's cherished assets --- its citizens --- are preserved.


The Hall of Fame induction program was designed to highlight the initiative and creativity of D.C. residents who have changed the course of local history, and is a requirement for for consideration.  Over two hundred persons have been inducted since the inception of the organization. 


Many of the Hall of Famers have established neighborhood programs, led innovative projects, and other transformations which resulted in improvements in schools and communities, enhancing the quality of life for our residents.

Executive Board

Dr. Janette Hoston Harris, Founder

Stanley King Williams, President

Rev. Carson Wise, Treasurer

Nancy C. Harvin, Executive Secretary

Olivia Blackamore, Financial Secretary

Maureen Young, Esq., Assistant Treasurer

Lelia Wyatt Brown, Emeritus

Charlotte Ducksworth

Christopher Echols

Patricia Elwood

Orlando Xavier Hixon

Dr. Toby Horn

Ronald Jessamy, Esq.

Alberta Kinard

Belinda LaValle

Dr. Bernard Richardson

James Taglieri, Esq.

Krysten Thomas

Lane V. Williams


Tel: 202.798.1998


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