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This program began in 2009 as the Hall of Fame Leadership Academy and was re-named in 2011 for our 2000 Hall of Famer and benefactor - Jack H. Olender. The program mentors junior and senior high school students, who are planning to attend college or specialized professional educational institutions. The Hall of Famers are a valuable resource which we harness for students attending the Academy.  The students participate in a dialogue and meet and discuss their planned disciplines with the Hall of Famers in their respective interest fields. Discussions also center around course requirements, preparation for college and pitfalls of their areas of interest with the Hall of Famers.





The Forward Program will provide opportunities for young adults under 30 to have a solid foundation for the beginning of their career. Our participants will receive mentoring, learning opportunities, workshops and potentially internships. They will be paired with Hall of Famers, Sponsors, HOF Judges, and Friends of the Hall of Fame. Responsibilities of the participants is to create and design ideas that will assist the city, communities or businesses to move forward. 


During the year, with assistance from their mentor, the ideas/programs will be cultivated. The rprojects will be presented at a program each year with the top three projects being presented to city officials and/or decision makers.  In the future the HOF DC Improvement Grant  will be provided to the top three projects.

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